Tue, February 21, 2017

Jokes into Cartoons

Since my jokes are set-up punch, as opposed to comedy stories, I’ve started turning them into cartoons.

cheerleaders are good for comedy

cheerleaders are good for comedy


I wrote this joke from a real-life incident in which I really was on the committee for my h.s. graduation. . . only it wasn’t the cheerleaders invite that had a problem (think — who ELSE would you not want to see at your reunion!).

A lot of comedy comes from real-life stuff. . . so keep looking at your real-life for the funny.

The caption reads:

“I went to my class reunion recently. I was on the committee. I was in charge of the invitations. . . so there weren’t any cheerleaders there this year!”

Have a great Memorial Day weekend and start looking at the funny things that happen at your cookouts!



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