Thu, August 17, 2017

Watching Comedy

Watching Comedy For Fun and Practice – here’s a comedy writing tip on watching comedy

Joking On the Web

funny set-up lines that lead to funny jokes can be found throughout the internet. Check out this site!

Comedy and the Blame Game

Comedians and Ventriloquists have some things in common. Check out comedian Jan McInnis’s comedy writer blog for details!

A Comedian on Being Genuine

Joke material and funny stuff these days is all around us. . .especially if you’re a comedian and you write political humor. Between “alternative facts” and bringing your own cheering section to a briefing, the current president is opening himself up to a lot of jokes about him and his administration. Regardless of which side […]

Clean Comedy Pays Off

Huffington Post article on comedian Jan McInnis’s clean humor

Political Humor

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