Sat, May 27, 2017

Recovering with Comedy

Using humor to recover from a line that might have made someone upset

Making a relatable joke in the moment

One of the best ways to connect with an audience is to make a relatable joke right in the moment. But how? Well, the problem most people have is that they don’t pay attention to what’s going on around them right before they speak – they’re too busy going over their own lines or focusing […]

Using Ignorance To Make The Joke

savannah GA Here I am yesterday! On the Riverfront of Savannah, GA – 10 second video is above! Ok, so I was just performing my comedy at a conference last night in Savannah, Georgia to a group who is BIG on networking. And while they had several keynote and breakout sessions throughout the day, they […]

How To Do A Joke When You Are Afraid To Say A Joke. . .

So if you want to add in a joke, but you’re scared of doing the set-up punch thing right off the bat during your speech because you’re afraid either no one will laugh at the punch line or you’ll mess it up. . . no worries. You can still add some humor by doing a […]

1 Huge Reason to Include Funny

Nutrisystem sales are down according to AOL. . . a CEO from Nutrisystem says they wasted 3 million on “cardboard”. . which I thought he was referring to the taste of the food, but it was actually the signs and posters of their spokesperson athletes. So how could Nutrisystem have had a better ROI? How […]

A GREAT place to look for humor at an annual event. . .

There is one joke idea you might be missing when trying to come up with a joke for a current event. .