Wed, June 28, 2017

Topical Jokes That Didn’t Make It (but still funny I THINK)

I write a bunch of topical jokes every day for radio. . . some of the good ones still don’t make it on for various reasons, so I’ll be posting ‘em here every day. Feel free to put ‘em on your site, just make sure I get the credit/link. Thanks! –Because of the VA Tech […]

Joke Writing 101. . .Part 3. . .3 Rules

3 tips for writing jokes . . .

Joke Writing 101. . .Part 2 . . .2 Quick Rules

Two basic tips for writing jokes

The Anatomy of a Joke. . . Part 1. . .2 Quick Tips

here’s a couple tips for joke writing as well as some topical jokes that didn’t make the cut. . .

Okay, so this is my FIRST attempt at blogging, I know, I’m a little behind. . the good news is, I’m behind the rest of the planet because I’ve been working a ton. . . now it’s time to learn about this technonlogy. I’ll be doing recaps of my show, both present and past, that […]