Mon, December 18, 2017

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Since I’m a writer, I’ve got to have a book! This is my quick book about writing humor FAST. It’s short because it would be ridiculous to have a huge book on writing fast. . . this book will get you started on adding humor – it’s got lots of my tips in one place.

Here’s a short excerpt. . .Sample of Finding the Funny Fast

findingthefunnyfastFinding the Funny FAST: how to create quick humor to connect with clients, coworkers and crowds
. This is my newest book. . .an easy read and a quick way to add the funny to any communications. $10 bucks + $2 for shipping (per copy). Go to my website to pick up a copy

Stop being boring NOW! The money you’re losing, the people you’re “turning off” and the opportunities you’re missing are HUGE if people don’t pay attention to what you write or say. So grab them and make them interested in your communications by using humor! My book will show anyone how to add humor to their speech, memo, email, advertisement or whatever it is you’re working on.

The advantages of using humor are BIG. Humor is the best way to make your communications memorable, connect with clients, prospects, employees, and coworkers immediately, keep people interested in what you have to say, and sell a product, service or idea. So buy my book and be more effective with everyone you’re communicating with NOW!

I’ve sold humor material to everyone from the Tonight Show monologue to CEO’s punching up a speech and sales people connecting with clients and potential clients. My tips are easy and the book is a fast read so you can start putting these tips into practice immediately. Humor works!



What’s it like to be a full-time comedian? You can find out in these pages. Jan has spent more than two decades as a professional comedian, touring throughout the United States and making people laugh in all sorts of venues from traditional comedy clubs to unique convention stages. And no, it isn’t all smooth sailing! She’s had to contend with weird room set ups such as the floor spinning her around 360 degrees and tough bar gigs where the owner didn’t want her to do “thinkin’ jokes.” All of these experiences have given Jan some valuable insights into dealing with people that will resonate with you regardless of what profession you’re in. She shares this wisdom along with her stories to give you a peek inside her unusual and fascinating profession.




Click here for an mp3 of an interview I did on blogtalk radio last night about my book!

Cubicle Comedy Cards! Play cards and laugh about work with these great stocking stuffers. Each card has one of my jokes about work or a tip for dealing with the office. Want to know how to eat for free in the office? Or how about how to call in sick? Buy a deck! They’re only $10 bucks + $2 shipping (per deck). Pick up a copy at my website

Myself and comedian Kent Rader (the other half of the Baby Boomer Comedy Show) publish the Keynote Chronicle each month.

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