Mon, November 20, 2017

People You Can Goof With At the Meeting

Okay, so I thought I was going to be be writing this joke writing blog from 30,000 feet up, but the “free” wireless on Delta didn’t cooperate. I Finally got online, but then the battery on my laptop died. . ahhhh. I did manage to get one email out to a couple people with a […]

3 Questions to ask about the event to write specific humor

I’m at the Elite Meetings conference right now – where high-end hotels meet high-end meeting planners. We’re in Florida, so the party last night included exotic birds and alligators. The bird loved me. I kept my distance from Herbert the alligator! I guess if they hold this event in Alaska, they’ll bring in a Polar […]

Crafting Appropriate Humor . . .again

Okay, so we’ve talked about what is not appropriate and subjects to stay away from. So what’s left that you can talk about? Actually a lot of things are still fair game. I write 10 minutes or so about the group that I kick off all of my shows with. I started doing this because […]

Using Appropriate humor … make sure it fits

Sunrise on the Outer Banks, NC. . .I had a great week of vacation! And in continuing my blog series on using appropriate humor, things to stay away from for business humor and convention groups would be obvious jokes. Not that they’re inappropriate but the group has probably heard them ad naseum (spelling please???) and […]

Customizing the Humor by Joking About People. . . Nicely

Writing humor about people in the group is okay if you do it NICELY. Here’s how. . .

Writing Humor Means Paying Attention to Many Little Things. . .

Watch out for these things before you make the joke. . .