Mon, November 20, 2017

Improv Comedy


what can you do when your comedy may fail - improv your humor

Wearing the same outfit – oh my!


What humor do you do when you're wearing the SAME outfit as the previous speaker. . .Secretary of Health & Human Services!

10 ways to get your speech started with a joke – part 1


10 quick ways to start off your speech and get into your joke

Speaking in tongues


Don't be worried about using humor even if you've got some people from other countries in your audience. . . here's some tips to make the humor hit!

4 Ways to Use Self-Deprecating Humor


Want to know how to find self-deprecating humor? Here's 4 quick ways . . .

How To Do A Joke When You Are Afraid To Say A Joke. . .


So if you want to add in a joke, but you’re scared of doing the...

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